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iTech Galaxy is one of renowned android app development company in Nagpur.Our skilled expertise android app developers performs complete indepth research of the client business and requirements and thereby measures a journey of expectations to realisation at ease. We have expertise to develop both hybrid and native app development and provide wide range of solution from ecommerce market place to health care , from product/service owned to customised app , all requirements are meet and solution is designed to meet business needs.

Our Approach :

Understanding client requirement

Signing MOU to meet client confidentiality

Complete Study and research to meet clients requirements

Market and Customer oriented approach

Easy to manage and maintain application

Post development support

Handheld support

Mobile Application


This is local business search app. This app provide business to register with the useus and list their business for user who actually needs a service in there selected city. To register business, useus marketing users can visits to the shop or shop owner can also register themselves with their respected shop category. After registering, shop owner can update their information. If user of an app search for the service he needs, it will be easily available to them .


This is Grocery store app. This apps provide online grocery purchase using COD, Paytm and also by whatsapp. Service provided by this app is only for the Faridabad area. User get the address directly from google map. He can also check the latest offer provided.

Pinak Pathology

Pinak pathology is an app which provides the user information about all test done in there pathology. The user also can book a test and provides a samples regarding to the test they needs. User can easily find a test and see the contains which available in selected test. User can also downloads a report of their test.


Loksuvidha is a financial company. We have design an app for their financial recovery team.

Our skilled personnel and strategic techniques works together to get the best in business application linked to web application and thereby ease the operational process and attain desired results. Our build in process performs deep and through research and analysis to meet our client’s requirements and expectations. Accessing wide range of tools and technologies we create customized applications which are powerful and scalable for any android devices.

Our Approach Based Model
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Step 1: Requirement and Research Analysis
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Step 2: Design and Development:
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Step 3: Launch of mobile application
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